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It Pays To Shop Around

The technology, NBN and mobile phone industry is evolving all the time and so it pays to shop around when your plan or phone is at end of contract.

This was very evident when assisting a client to make the best choice when updating her phone recently and resulted in a cost saving of $528 over the 24 month plan ($22 per month) with the same phone, same unlimited calls and same 20GB data.

Just by checking out one other provider. That is an easy saving.

Now everyone has different needs and this lady lived in a major city and didn’t travel to remote country areas so most major carriers could suit her coverage needs.

She used 8 to 10 Gb of mobile data per month.

A new iPhone was her choice of brand as she was used to the system.

She wanted to Buy a phone as the last phone had been Leased  and either needed to be handed in to the provider or a residual amount needed to be paid to keep the phone ($382).

Once we convinced sales people to remove all add ons (accessories pack, music subscriptions etc) and asked for any available discount the difference was $22 per month ($109 Vs $87). Giving the lady a saving of $528 over the 2 year plan. That buys a lot of accessories.

We were also mislead a couple of times by one sales person who told us things that were either incorrect or downright illegal under consumer law. The unscrupulous ones will try to get away with whatever they can. Preying on an uninformed public.

This was also the topic of a recent news article about a Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman report outlining “poor sales practices and a culture of putting profits ahead of consumers”, as a major driver of consumer debt.

Read it here:

Getting the correct advice can save you a lot of money. In the case of my client she invested $85 for me to help her and saved $528 on her plan.