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Building an On-line Business Identity

Building an on-line identity is vital to achieving the identified goals of any business in this modern world. This process may seem complex and daunting to some however it is a process like any other and is most successful when tailored to the goals of the...

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The System

What follows in this document are best practice methods to maintain network connectivity, to secure your IT system and to protect your data and computer systems from all possible attacks, breakdowns and disasters. It relies upon backups,...

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It Pays To Shop Around

It Pays To Shop Around The technology, NBN and mobile phone industry is evolving all the time and so it pays to shop around when your plan or phone is at end of contract. This was very evident when assisting a client to make the best choice when updating...

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Hello World

Hello World! Extremely pleased to announce the launch of my new venture since moving to SA from Queensland recently. It is really just a rebranding of my Cairns business LoudShirtNetworks and besides I can't get away with wearing a Hawaiian shirt everyday...

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